New parking regulations to start in spring

"Starting in Spring 2011, residential students will only be allowed to park within the confines of a specific zone—East, Center or West—based on their hall of residence. The changes are part of a zoning parking project launched during Wednesday’s parking committee meeting.

""This project aims to mitigate the amount of traffic on campus by keeping roadways more navigable," said Chief of Police of Cynthia Adam.

"Adam said students are attempting to drive to their classes from their residence halls, which can be hazardous to pedestrians. Instead, students should walk or take advantage of the free shuttle buses on campus.

"The goal of the project, according to Adam, is to make walkways safer and to reduce the amount of pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

"Joe Storch, associate counsel at the SUNY Office of University Counsel, approved the project in October. The committee will distribute decals to residential students prior to next semester, along with information regarding the rules and regulations of the new project.

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