Bed bugs found in Seneca Hall

"Fifteen rooms in Seneca Hall were affected this week by an outbreak of bed bugs. One room in the residence hall had a confirmed case of the insects, said Julie Blissert, director of Public Affairs.

"The adjacent rooms will be cleaned along with the infected room.

""We don’t just do that room where bed bugs have been found," Blissert said, as a precaution against the spread of the bugs.

"Blissert said the cleaning process will begin with a double spraying of the infected room by exterminators. The exterminators will return seven days after for another spraying, and then they will check the room one more time in 30 days. Mattresses in the infected room will not be saved, Blissert said.

""We just wrap them in plastic and take them to the dump," she said.

"This protocol, Blissert added, was established in 2008 at Oswego State, and is only now being put into use.

"Two girls living in the infected room have been relocated until the extermination procedure can be completed. Blissert added it will only take a few hours to clean the adjacent rooms, so those students will not need to relocate.

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