No suspects identified in West Campus Exit sign thefts

"Exit signs have been stolen from Onondaga Hall and Cayuga Hall on several different occasions this semester and will lead to Class A misdemeanors for those charged.

"The first reported incident occurred on Oct. 13 at 7:45 a.m. in Onondaga Hall, according to the University Police blotter, in the tunnel leading to Littlepage Dining Hall. Several incidents have taken place since then, including Friday, Oct. 22, at 3:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 1, at 3 a.m. from Onondaga Hall and Sunday, Nov. 7, at 1:30 a.m. from Cayuga Hall.

"The reports include criminal mischief and/or petit larceny due to damage to and/or theft of exit signs, according to the police blotter.

"The signs are placed within a frame on the wall, and students either took the entire fixture itself or just the exit sign out of the frame, Assistant Chief of U.P. John Rossi, said.

""I think that people just take them for souvenirs or to put them in their room," Rossi said.

""It could be a safety concern if it’s not there when it’s needed to be there because it directs you out of the building," Richard Kolenda, director of Resident Life and Housing said.

"The theft of exit signs is not a common occurrence, according to Rossi, and it can be stopped if witnesses to the crime alert U.P. of the crime, or if Residence Life staff notify U.P. of the items, so they can investigate how or where the item came from.

"Those caught with exit signs will be arrested and finger printed. They will be issued an appearance ticket to Oswego town court and a district attorney will sign a recommendation before disposing the case. The person charged will be put on probation and may be issued a fine or, in severe scenarios, sentenced to jail time if they have previously been in trouble with the law.

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