Drug tests promote productive workplace

            The job market is the one market everyone has had to deal with, has to deal with and will have to deal with. Being employed is a necessary aspect for success in life, as unfortunate as some may find that to be, and it is getting harder to find a job as the days go on. The interview process has become more demanding in not only the appearance of a resume and one’s qualifications but also in dress, etiquette and, for some companies, drug tests.

         A lot of employers require drug tests for hire, and some issue regular or random tests throughout years of employment. This can result in employees being suspended or even fired for failing a drug test, which tests for various drugs ranging from marijuana to methamphetamines and cocaine in an interviewee/employee’s system.

        This is a controversial aspect of employment, although it should not be. A number of employees or prospects who get fired or do not get put up for a job complain and disagree with the drug testing portion, as they see it as ‘unfair’ or ‘discriminatory.’ There are those calling to not require drug testing, allowing applicants to possibly achieve jobs all while they purchase and engage in doing drugs. To hire someone with drugs in their system is to provide them with the money needed to purchase substances and continue the activity. Some are sympathetic to drug users in that they are still people who need to earn a living wage to survive. Some drug users have kids to feed, bills to pay and have to ensure heat is flowing in the winter. Drug users and their kids deserve to live and be comfortable.

        While this is true, most drug users are not focusing on livable needs but rather on purchasing their drug of choice first. Drug users and their kids deserve to live and be comfortable – this is not an arguable fact. However, drug users should not be granted the ability and freedom to engage in drug-related activities without consequence either. Employers do not have to deal with the side effects that come with drug users. Drug testing is not an unfair, discriminatory or unnecessary thing to carry out for employment. Rather, it is extremely necessary. Drugs ruin lives, and drugs in a workplace only contribute to the downfall of that workplace. Where drugs are illegal, no matter the drug, drug testing is a reasonable policy to enact. If an employer does not want to hire someone with drugs in their system, that is not discrimination. Failing a drug test before hire or years into employment is on the employee, not the employer. Some employers do not want to fund a drug addict’s habit and would rather hire a reliable employee in need. If you do not want to have to pass a drug test, do not apply for a job that requires one.

        There is nothing unfair, discriminatory or wrong about requiring drug tests before or during employment.

photo from Pixabay

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