Reviewing the bars of Oswego part two

As promised, here is the intoxicating sequel to the previous review of bars in Oswego. Hopefully you’ve had the chance to visit some new places and fall in love with new bars! Maybe you haven’t found the one yet, but don’t worry. There are plenty more fish in the sea and there are always more bars in Oswego.

Alley Cat

Where it’s at: on Bridge Street next door to Franco’s (so after you’ve had enough to drink, your appetite can be appeased).

Why it’s great: Alley Cat is pretty universally accepted as Oswego’s most “clubby” bar. The DJ provides a good mix of hip-hop, rap and house music to keep the party going “all night longer.”

Alley’s appeals to your friends who love dancing so much they do it up and down the halls of your dorm. Instead of drop-kicking them and telling them to learn to walk like a human, you can send them all to Alley’s. They will “dance and laugh, and have a really really really good time.” The ad on the back of your student planner proves it!

Senior Zack Kakuda is an Alley Cat fan.

“My group of friends and I still go there. We all like to dance, so it’s kind of a no-brainer,” Kakuda said. “We don’t even ask each other where we’re going. We just know.”

Old City

Where it’s at: just northwest of Bridge Street on Water Street.

Why it’s great: Backing up to the Oswego River, the Old City Hall definitely appeals to aesthetics. Arched doorways seamlessly weave the high-ceilinged bar with a spacious outdoor patio. The brick and wood interior contribute to a charming, cozy ambiance which, paired with abundant seating, creates a comfortable atmosphere that promotes conversation. There’s also a dance floor and karaoke which your Snapchat story is just dying to get a piece of.

Thirsty Thursdays: Old City is the famous host of Mug Night, a glorious occasion every Thursday. All you have to do is buy a $5 mug and bring it with you when you hit up the bar. Suddenly, beer only costs you 50 cents. For the same price as a standard cover charge, you can buy 10 beers.

“I think it’s the breadth of people that go there,” said senior Mike Murphy. “It doesn’t seem to contain one clique or specific group of students. You are almost guaranteed to see people that you haven’t seen or spoken to in years, and it gives you a chance to catch up.”

Ferris Wheel

Where it’s at: across Water Street from Old City.

Why it’s great: Don’t act like you don’t remember that Hannah Montana song from a million years ago called “Best of Both Worlds.” The hugs-gone-drugs singer dropped hard knowledge in the chorus: “Chillin out, take it slow, then you rock out the show.” If Ferris Wheel was going to have a theme song, it would be that one.

The Wheel has two levels so you don’t have to decide between a dance club and a traditional bar. Downstairs is the main bar. It’s well-lit, which is good news for your Insta account. Usually the doors and windows are open so the room is cool and comfortable.

As my self-proclaimed unofficial theme song indicates, you can also “rock out the show” at Ferris Wheel.

“Upstairs is the dance party scene,” said senior Anna Houghtaling There’s plenty of room to dance, so it’s not too crowded. And there’s the black-light, which always makes things more fun. I like that it has mass appeal. It offers both what people like about Alley Cat and what people like about the Raven.”

The Shed

Where it’s at: diagonally across the giant five-way intersection from McDonald’s.

Why it’s great: One of the obvious benefits of The Shed is that it’s within walking distance from campus. No need to spend your precious $2 on the D-Bus. Instead, you can use that $2 and get yourself four – yes, four – beers. The deal is similar to Old City’s Mug Night, but this time, The Shed has your Wednesdays covered with Yard Night. The enigma to be addressed here is the name “Yard Night.” I envisioned a lawn and cheap plastic chairs the first time I heard it. Not the case. The name actually references the refillable cup you buy (for $5) that is shaped like a big test tube that is roughly three feet tall.

“[The Shed] has a lot of TVs, a pool table, darts, an outdoor area, and the DJ does a great job taking requests and even announcing stuff like birthdays,” said senior Matt Stufano. “It’s also one of the best places to watch a game with your buddies. I went last year during the playoffs and saw the Rangers win in overtime, and the place basically exploded.”

New York Rangers? Say no more. I’ll be there. And I’ll be in a bucket hat.

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