Students discover new opportunities through Study Abroad programs

To most college students, the idea of spending time abroad sounds like a fantasy, and to many it can be a dream come true. Here at Oswego State, 80 programs in 30 countries can make deciding where to go the biggest dilemma of all. In addition to Oswego State’s extensive study abroad services, students are offered programs throughout the SUNY system allowing opportunities to travel just about anywhere.

Oswego State offers unique faculty-led programs which allow students to take a semester long class often given at a 300 level with additional travel at the culmination. For classes in the fall semester, travel is usually during the winter recess and spring semester courses usually offer the travel component during spring break or after classes have ended in the summer.

These study visits can benefit a range of students in that they offer unique benefits for students who can’t spend an entire semester away. One perk to traveling on a faculty-led program is the ability to form a tight knit group and bond with peers months before the departure. The courses are also centered around the study-visit and therefore allow students to hone in on specific areas of interest. These trips can range from studying the great British screenwriters in London, Cultural Wellness in Ecuador, Dolphins and marine wildlife in Honduras and so much more.

For many students the allure of studying abroad is nothing compared to the price tag attached. Thankfully there are many resources available to anyone willing to put in the time and effort. For one, tuition scholarships can be applied to studying abroad, which brings the cost down for anyone receiving aid from the school. There are even scholarships offered directly to freshmen to encourage studying abroad during the first year. In addition, there are a myriad of scholarships available to students which can help pay for anything from International airfare to oversees tuition and even lodging expenditures. There are scholarships offered that apply to specific countries, as well as general grants.

Despite the program offered, almost every presenter had the same message to students: “just get out there and see the world.” College is one of the best times to travel; it gives students a more worldly perspective, not to mention it helps secure jobs in the globally changing world. Whether it is for 10 days in Puerto Rico, or a full semester in Japan traveling opens students eyes and allows a first hand cultural experience like no other. These experiences translate into lifelong lessons that will stay with students, and connect them throughout the world shaping our societies both near and far.

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