Prince combines soft vocals, sexy vibes on latest album

Prince shows no signs of slowing down on his new album “Art Official Age.” Photo provided by (
Prince shows no signs of slowing down on his new album “Art Official Age.” Photo provided by (

On Sept. 30 prolific music icon Prince released his 33rd studio album, “Art Official Age.”

Prince, well known for his flashy costumes and dazzling stage presence, has not released an album since the 2010 album “20Ten.” In his career, Prince has had 30 Top 40 singles and produced 10 platinum albums. He has sold over 100 million records around the world, labeling him as one of the best- selling artists of all time. Prince released his first album, “For You,” in 1978. His wide-ranging vocals along with his explicitly sexual lyrics and funky beats create Prince’s signature style. Some of Prince’s past singles include “Purple Rain” (1984), “Pop Life” (1985) and “Kiss” (1986).

All the song’s lyrics and music on “Art Official Age” were written by Prince.

The most popular song on “Art Official Age” is “FUNKNROLL.” The songs lyrics talk about getting into the beat. “Get it turned up get it out of control/ get into the rhythm it’s good for the soul.” The song takes a modern twist on disco adding a more synthesized vibe rather than rock and roll.

“There’s a song we’ve just written called, ‘The Breakdown,’” Prince said in a recent, and rare, interview. “One of the things that we try to do, though, is wait until we have other songs that go together with our favorites. That’s why it takes a long time to come out with albums these days. You know, not being under contract, there’s no rush.” The song is very slow paced and sad. Featuring a heavy bass line and Prince’s soft lyrics, the listener cannot help but feel the sadness.

The first single off the album, “Breakfast Can Wait,” was released on Feb. 5, 2013 on his website and released again on a second website on August 17, 2013. However, it was not until Sept. 3, 2013 that it was officially released as a single. The single’s cover features Dave Chappelle, a popular comedian, dressed as Prince holding pancakes, showing Prince’s sense of humor. The very sexual and breakfast-related lyrics combine with a soft and slow musical background to create a very sensual tone that is present throughout the album.
The song “Clouds” is one of the only songs on the album that feature 3RDEYEGIRL, Prince’s back-up singers. The song is very slow but still has a funky disco vibe. There is some rapping followed by a solo from 3RDEYEGIRL.

As well as releasing “Art Official Age,” Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL, released the album “PLECTRUMELECTRUM.” The album is Prince’s 34th studio album and the debut LP of 3RDEYEGIRL.
“PLECTRUMELECTRUM” was released as a companion to “Art Official Age” on the same day. All the songs on the album were also written by Prince. Instead of sticking to the disco age, as he did in “Art Official Age,” Prince dives into the rock and roll side of his music. Throughout the album, he showcases his guitar playing abilities with unique and upbeat guitar solos.

The album “Art Official Age” is a funky, disco inspired album that brings Prince’s original music back into the limelight. Although the album features some rap, the album definitely sticks to Prince’s signature sound and style.

2 thoughts on “Prince combines soft vocals, sexy vibes on latest album

  1. Thanks for the review. It’s refreshing to see someone gets the sensuality of the work. I love the music it nostalgic without sounding dated! It’s sexy without being krass or trashy. STYLE!

  2. I think the 2 cd’s are very well put together and anyone that can move on from such songs like kiss and 1999 can see that Prince is constantly evolving which makes you wonder will we ever c the real him. Personally im rollin with it and enjoying the news sounds 10/10 for me

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