Best of Netflix: Stream hidden horror gems this October

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In October, horror movies sweep across thousands of screens. At home, on laptops, in theaters; it seems as though no one can escape the scary genre. So often though, horror films result in sub-par jumps paired with dull plots and basic characters. Sometimes, finding good horror movies can be difficult and finding them on Netflix can be even more so. But, if audiences are willing to sift, some small gems do exist on the media streaming website.

One of the most notable horror movies on Netflix is “The Cabin In The Woods.” Playing on traditional troupes of horror; the sorority girl, the alpha male, the nerd, and the “final girl,” this horror film provides both slight laughs and scares. With true fear resulting from the invasion of The Buckner Family zombies and the underground control center providing some outsider perspective, this fresh take on horror movies is a welcome one. Acting as both a satirical piece and an effective scaring tool, “The Cabin In The Woods” is both a popular horror movie pick and a solid one.

For fans of the grotesque, “The Bay” is your best bet. It’s a low-budget, eco-awareness piece that tells a story that is both compelling and disgusting. After contaminated water enters a small Maryland town’s pipes, all sorts of trouble breaks loose. Its attempts at raising awareness on ecological disasters caused by people, paired with its very realistic portrayal of a plagued town is effective and compelling to watch unfold.

The most commercial film on this list, titled “The Possession,” received major theater distributions and publicity before being slammed by critics for its lack of original content. Now resting on the virtual shelves of Netflix, this creepy movie has found a new life. Based on a cryptic box that eventually possesses a young girl, “The Possession” plays into many basic horror movie moments. But if viewers can look past this, they may find something they like.

One of now-famous horror director, James Wan’s (“The Conjuring”) first films, titled “Dead Silence” also deserves a place on any Netflix horror movie list. While not made up of the best group of actors, this haunted killer puppet film is filled with tons of scary moments. In line with Wan’s other work, the subtle and atmospheric fears projected through this film should be appealing to most.

In terms of indie releases, “Contracted” is probably one of the most impressive pieces to come in recent times. Slow-burning at first, “Contracted” tells the story of a woman who ends up with a sickness after being drugged by a stranger. As the disease progresses, the film becomes unsettling and increasingly hard to watch. “Contracted” is definitely one of the best horror films on Netflix.

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