Swing Copters—A Game That Will Make Your Head Spin

Are you longing for that one game to help you distress from a long day? Or, are you searching for a game that not only provides entertainment, but also a challenge that may result in frustration?

The creator of the infamous application that drove some people to propelling their smartphones against a wall, Dong Nguyen created another game application that requires little skill, but much patience.  Nguyen’s release of “Flappy Bird” quickly received a lot of publicity due to its highly addictive concept and rose to the top of the Free App Charts. On August 21, 2014, his new release of “Swing Copters” had people buzzing about the similarities between his two unexpected yet prosperous applications.

 Like in “Flappy Bird”, his new game followed the same sort of idea of having the player tap repeatedly on its screen to help the little diabolical creature fly. Instead of flying through pipes, the creature had to fly through a series of gates. Each time you tapped your screen, the creature would change its horizontal direction, which can get very confusing if you overly tap like myself. If you bang into anything like the unnecessary swinging hammers or the sides of your screen, then you will have to start over. For some, getting past the first gate is a challenge and for others, that’s the easy part. As how most things are, after the many times you will play, the easier it will get, but don’t underestimate Nyugen’s wit where he may change the order of the gates each time you reset the game.

This game may or may not conform to your liking but during a long bus ride or even a restless night, “Swing Copters” may be the application you’ll need.

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