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The Student Association Senate met for its third official meeting of the semester on Tuesday. It added three new senators and 19 senators were present.

The senate began the meeting by approving the minutes from the previous meeting and the agenda of the day.

A guest to the senate proposed $1,000 to aid in the cost for promotional materials and other services for a mental health conference to be scheduled in April. The concept was designed by the Civic Engagement Office. The conference would educate general campus population on mental wellness aspects with the help of different departments on campus and would include organization tabling and learning stations. Two senators will help write a bill for the event.

DECCA, a club for business majors, requested somewhere in the realm of $350 to cover the traveling expenses of a speaker coming from New York City to speak at a conference the club holds every year. Two senators will help write a bill.

President Anthony Smith said he met with Oswego State president Deborah Stanley. Though they did not have a lot to talk about, Smith proposed to try to get some recognition from the school for teams that go to nationals more often and to help those teams financially.

Ryan O’Grady was voted unanimously to be the new justice. The SUNY system is putting on a Mascot Madness event to find ideas for an Oswego State mascot. SUNY is demanding Oswego State adopts a mascot. Sheldon is being used as one right now. Smith said there is a committee that can meet and discuss the options, then meet and figure out a poll or survey to get an idea of what the students want.

Advertisements have gone out about the mandatory SA fee. If the fee is not mandatory, there is not much SA can do. There was also discussion about last week’s meeting and how it went on for too long and the groups of people did not compromise well. Smith said that he is also hopeful for the future by the passion shown and to not be upset about anything once senators have left the meeting.

Francisco Perez, vice president of SA, said the meeting last week was a little chaotic and wants to enforce the raising of hands so that it keeps everything more organized and can keep the minutes more organized as well. He also addressed that there are no senators from Seneca, Scales or Mackin halls, or the Village and to ask residents in those to participate in senate to represent their buildings.

Director of Finance Hassan Al-Shareffi said that budgets are now open for the clubs and organizations. They will have one week to submit. There is a committee that goes through all the budgets submitted, then it goes back to finance to go over. After finance gives its recommendations, it will come to senate. Al-Shareffi also said he has received four applications for his position after he steps down. Applications for the director of finance position are due by March 5.

One special order was brought to the floor: SA election debate reform. The discussion is to have less than the usual three debates because there are not many candidates running. The senate is considering one large event that can be broadcasted to avoid redundancy of three debates with so few of candidates.

The general orders began with the Oswegonian and WTOP journalism conference trip to San Diego, which was passed last week by the senate but vetoed by President Smith. Smith discussed the reasons for his veto and the senate discussed possible future ways bills can be handled, which may include the clubs coming and giving information about their endeavors after going to these types of events. The senate voted on overturning the veto. The vote failed to pass 0-17-2.

The SA Senate meets every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Lanigan 102 and all meetings are open to the public.

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