Aries: Time to declutter. You have been craving solitude lately. Take some time to detoxify yourself of anything and anyone that is holding you back. Something new and fresh is coming your way, but first you must do some emotional housekeeping.

Taurus: This is the time to become involved in your community and any organization that calls to your heart. You will be feeling friendly and sociable so indulge in getting to know a diverse group of unusual people. Stay open to new experiences. They have a lot to teach you.

Gemini: Your career is about to take a step forward. Do not hesitate. Take charge and enjoy the feeling of responsibility and leadership. Attend industry events or brush up on reading material related to your field.

Cancer: Let out your inner traveler. You have been craving a change of scenery. Whether that means booking a spontaneous flight abroad or a walk by Lake Ontario. Take some time to discover the wonders available.

Leo: The spotlight is usually on you, but this you might feel a desire to work behind the scenes. Focus on an inner transformation and your peace. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself what makes you happy and brings you pleasure.

Virgo: You have been receiving a lot of mixed signals lately and as usual you’ve been overanalyzing them. Breathe. There’s no need to make a decision right now.

Libra: You’ve been neglecting your health lately and your body and mind are screaming for help. Sign up for a yoga class, try a cleanse or simply drink more water. It’s time to examine the way your treat your temple. This will bring you inner peace.

Scorpio: Fashionably late, Cupid arrives. The next month will be filled with romance and seduction. Take the initiative and enjoy yourself, but remember not to cause any unnecessary harm to anyone or yourself.

Sagittarius: Don’t dive into any projects that require a lot of time and energy, because you are going to want a flexible schedule in the next coming weeks. You will find yourself taking more time-outs and nap times to recharge but you will also find a spark of crafty creativity. Indulge.

Capricorn: You are craving adventure. Fortunately you won’t have to travel far for it. Explore new, trendy or unknown local spots and let your inner social butterfly woo everyone around you.
Aquarius: You have found yourself hitting hard ground after floating in the clouds for a while. This is good. Now you can start those projects and ideas that were only dreams and get into the routine of reality.

Pisces: Your birthday month has officially started, so begin to show yourself some love. Get that new hairstyle you’ve been eyeing, splurge on those red pumps and invest in your self-development. This is the time to take a leap and greet the future with open arms. Dish any heavy weight holding you back.

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