Black Student Union Variety Show Sneak Peak

On Feb. 21, Black Student Union will have its annual variety show, held in the Hewitt Ballroom at 6 p.m. The variety show is a cultural display of how unique and talented we are as a culture. Being able to attend some of its rehearsals, I got a sneak peak of how the show will turn out. Two words to sum everything I witnessed is show-stopping. This show will be free to all students who want to attend and will incorporate a variety of Cyphers, ALANA Unity, stroll off, tributes and other scenes to bring awareness to Black History Month.

The people performing in this show range from all academic standings. I got the chance to interview some of the performers involved in the show and get their thoughts on the show. Bilikiz Adebayo, president of the African Student Organization, admitted why she got involved in the variety show.

“I joined the show because I want to support BSU and it is always good to have that balance with student events and it makes me stay in shape,” Adebayo said. “It’s a great way to build up your network and meet new people.”

The vice president of BSU, Ashley Freeze, put together the event in honor of Black History Month. Being able to transcend the message that they are trying to get across through dance, modeling, cyphers and tributes will bring awareness to the audience.


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