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(Devon Nitz | The Oswegonian)
(Devon Nitz | The Oswegonian)

Everybody waits for something

That’s just the way life is

We play the waiting game

It’s a game with no winners or losers

The concept is to simply wait

Whether it’s waiting for a new movie

For a graduation

Or even to be an adult

Everybody waits for something

Waiting, like most things, is only temporary

That’s the beauty of it

Winters are temporary

School is temporary

Life is temporary

When the going gets tough and you wanna give up just remember,

“This is only temporary”

Quitting isn’t always a sign of weakness

Everyone has a weakness

Yet being able to admit that you aren’t invincible

That you can’t do everything

Is one of the strongest things you can do

Because it shows that you understand that this is only                  temporary

Without realizing it you have said that for the past 12 years of your life

All the mornings where you drag yourself out of bed to go to school

The complicated homework assignments that fry your brain

People who cause all the drama that drive you off a cliff

You still wake up the next day and soldier on because you understand

“This is only temporary”

So don’t get stuck in those black hole days

Where yesterday’s problems dictate tomorrow

See because the past is in the past

Don’t live in regret, just regret how you lived and simply move on

So when you’re sitting in the cold, thinking “damn” it’s cold

Just know that “it’s only temporary”

So forget the past and live for today

Live for now because

We make our history now

We make our legacy now

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