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(David Owens | The Oswegonian)
(David Owens | The Oswegonian)


By Sarah Fessler


Fate is a funny thing.

It is believed that your destiny is a thread,

Spun, measured, and cut by the three goddesses

That preside over humans;

Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

They decide who you are today

And who you will become tomorrow.

The Fates are believed to have started interfering

With the lives of man after the creation of Pandora.

Since then all the good and bad

That men experience in their lives

Is determined by the Fates at birth.

Ruthless and without pity or   remorse

The Fates always punish wrongdoers,

Inflicting hardship and evil.

Once your fate is spun, and measured,

There is no escaping when Atropos cuts,

Your string of life.

As we live and breath

Our time has already been decided,

Not to be changed

By the things we do

Or say.

What a tragedy.

To believe that everything

Has already been planned.

And nothing,

Can change it.

Not who we talk to.

Nor where we go.

Trapped to live the life

As decided by an outside force.

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