You are a star, Aries, glowing over everyone you know. Continue your positivity and nothing but happiness will find its way to you. While some might try to bring you down, you are better and will persevere.


Though this week may seem tough, just remember that you are as determined an individual as this world has to offer. You will quickly and decisively knock off any challenges that come your way. Others will watch in awe of the herculean manner in which you power through your day-to-day tasks.


You are doing exceptionally well, Gemini. So much so it may seem you have no real use for reading a horoscope. Not true. The key element to maintaining your success to this point is to carry on with what you have been doing. Stay the course and good things will continue to come.


You had a great week, Cancer. You have successfully managed both your business, academic and personal life for the past month. It is important, though, not to get too bogged down in the day-to-day minutiae of life’s constant tasks. Remember to step back from time to time and enjoy what is around you. Treat yourself.


You have used your spontaneity to continually push yourself to new levels.  You keep jumping, but you have yet to fall. The important thing is manage risk and reward. You have done that admirably so far, so don’t stop now. Keep pushing the envelope.


The coming week will test you, Virgo, but you have seen it all at this point and always have come out better in the end. Use your unflagging will to come to a resolute decision with the tough personal decisions that come your way. Still, remember to seek the advice of others. Thereis a fine line between determination and obstinacy.


You have worked tirelessly so far and will soon enjoy the fruits of your labor. While others are content to listlessly trudge through life, you have pushed yourself in every possible direction. Be sure not to spread yourself too thin, though. Any job worth doing is worth doing right.


Last week could have gone better, but that is beside the point. Focus on the great things you have accomplished of late and the amount of people better for having been graced by your calm, steady presence. Keep on your righteous path and happiness will find its way to you.


You are full of surprises, Sagittarius. You refuse to be predictable and thus far have embraced the randomness of life to your own advantage. Continue to indiscriminately dive into the world and embrace every last morsel of happiness that falls your way. You are doing it right.


It is hard to even know what to tell you, Capricorn. You seem to have this whole life thing down pat. You have managed to balance individual success and personal relationships to create a spiritual harmony unrivaled among your peers. Keep up the good work.


A stressful week is ahead, but as always, you will persevere and come out no worse for wear. You are a strong sign and those around you will seek out your strength and wisdom. It is when we are tested that true character shows. Let others see your mettle.


You are a strong and loyal companion. Others around you will fall on hard times and  will need your guidance. You have been there for them before, and there is no doubt you will provide solace again. Take note of their struggles and store them away to help yourself at a later date.

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