Upcoming WNYO free student concert

If you happen to pass through the Campus Center this Saturday, you are sure to be in for a treat, thanks to WNYO.

The student-run radio station will be hosting a free concert for all students starting at 5 p.m. The show is set to feature two bands: Atticus Finch and Afterthoughts. Both bands are composed of several Oswego State students.

The headlining band, Atticus Finch, is no stranger to Oswego State. The band opened last year’s WNYO Punk Rock Show= and has been patiently waiting to rock audiences again.

“We are very excited to play campus again,” said Patrick Malowski, lead singer of Atticus Finch and Oswego State senior. “Ever since the WNYO Punk Rock Show last semester, we have been talking about playing again in Oswego and it’s finally happening.”

Concert coordinator and WNYO Production Manager Steven Radford said that having Atticus Finch play the show just made sense.

“Since Atticus Finch performed… last semester, they have been receiving more buzz on campus, and that will attract a lot of students to this show,” Radford said.

While the band admits it would love a large crowd, Malowski insists the show is just an opportunity for the band, and everyone who comes, to have some fun.

“As much as we would love a great turnout, it’s not about that,” Malowski said. “This show is about giving the students on campus a chance to see a live band on a Saturday for free.”

While the concert will be welcoming back Atticus Finch, it will also serve to introduce those in attendance to Radford’s own band, Afterthoughts.

Formed earlier this year and following the release of a six-song EP, the concert is going to be Afterthoughts’ first full-band performance, Radford said.

Although many bands may feel nervous playing their first show, Radford said that he is more excited about the concert.

“We’re really glad that our first performance will be at Oswego and with our good friends Atticus Finch,” Radford said.

Both Malowski and Radford are looking forward to putting on a show solely for the enjoyment.

“I’m just excited to have this show for kids who like these bands and genuinely love music,” Radford said.

Malowski is hoping that the free admission will encourage students to give a couple of new bands a try and enjoy an opportunity they may not otherwise have.

“We love the idea that we may have people walk by the concert and stop in because they hear music,” Malowski said.

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