Classic Oswego breakfast at Wade’s Diner

Wade’s Diner is a true fixture of the Oswego community and history.The breakfast stop has been around since the late 1930s, and can be found in an old Pullman train car. Wade’s offers a quick a breakfast that provides bang for your buck.

Wade's Diner
The exterior of Wade’s Diner.  (Karly Babcock | The Oswegonian)

The building is relatively similar to its original structure, so the seating area of the diner is rather small and outdated. However, you should not let this turn you away from Wade’s. The rich history and small seating area will only add to the experience.

The waitstaff at Wade’s is welcoming from the moment you are seated. Since the seating area is small, and with everyone so close together, the cheerful mood between customers becomes contagious. The atmosphere is warm and cozy and provides an authentic Oswego experience. If you are looking for the old time feeling of camaraderie where everyone smiles and says hello, as well as a great breakfast, Wade’s is the place to go.

Despite every table, booth, and the bar being filled, and not to mention, a line out the door, the servers were quick and friendly. The menu is kept at the table and provides great options to customers. As soon as you are ready to order, the server is right there. Each server takes your order by memory and reports it directly to the cook who makes the food right in the front of the diner, in the view of the people seating at the bar.

When ordering at Wade’s, it’s important to keep in mind the generous portion sizes. Wade’s is known for enormous pancakes, each the size of the entire plate. While dining at Wade’s, you may see a fellow patron attempting to eat a whole pancake or even two. The omelets are also popular and are a cheesy delight, especially with a side of the home fries that fill you up quickly.

The staff at Wade’s bakes homemade bread and the place is well-known for its cinnamon raisin bread. It is offered on the menu as a side of toast or in the form french toast and is available in whole loafs for purchase. If you are looking to step it up a notch, you can have your cinnamon raisin french toast stuffed. The stuffed version features a cheesy blend egg and your choice of meat between two thickly cut pieces of french toast, fused together by the cheese. The flavors all complement one another, from the touch of cinnamon to the taste of meat. Smothered in syrup, this dish is definitely a heavy choice for breakfast, but well worth it.

Wade’s provides a hearty, large breakfast at a terrific price. You can feel the heart, soul and care going into the dish. Everyone at Wade’s, including fellow customers, seems to care about having a great breakfast and starting the day off in the right way.

Wade’s is located on 176 East 9th St., and is open seven days a week, but just for breakfast, from 6 a.m. to noon.



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