Creative Writing: Sarah Fessler

Cheated for the better

It started with the words, “I think it’s time we talk about this.” The elephant in the room was starting to get antsy. It had been three weeks since that day and no one had spoken since. Someone had to grow a pair and be the mature one. I guess that was me.

My inspiration, you ask: Boy Meets World. Seriously. As much as I wanted to hate him, I knew when I read the quote about Cory and Topanga during their breakup I was missing something.

“If you really care about each other, you don’t just throw away your most important bond: your friendship.”

It’s true. And I had to say my peace on the situation whether he listened or not.

“I am not forgiving you for what you did. I’m simply being the mature one by breaking the silence and trying to salvage something from our relationship. This is not a desperate attempt to get you back, but, rather, a truce. And you don’t get to cry and feel sorry for what you did. Don’t try to pity yourself for the pain you caused. It’s not fair.”

I had to make it clear. I don’t want what we had back; it would never be the same again. Because what he doesn’t know is that I know he didn’t wake up one day and just decide he didn’t love me. I know he’s been cheating on me for months now. I know that she’s been sleeping in our bed. I know he’s been skipping class to spend endless hours with her. I know he’s been using our vacation fund on her. I know she knew about me, as I did her. I know everything.

But I’m being the bigger person. Why should I spend my time going over the negatives of the situation. All I need to know is that he’s a jerk, and she’s gonna get played the exact same way.

I’ve come to realize that I have the best family and friends I could ever ask for in the world, and he was always holding me back from my dreams anyway. He took an ambitious girl and held her back.

I’ve cried my tears, and some days I wish I could spend my time huddled in the corner of my room for hours. But I know I have to be stronger, for me. And some days it still feels like a joke, like something temporary. But that’s what my relationship was, temporary insanity. A joke and a lie. But now I know better.

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