Miley Cyrus’ antics grow more disturbing as time goes by

She started out as an idol to little girls and teenagers everywhere. She was someone to look up to and show the world that nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes, but we’re all human. Miley Cyrus started out as a girl with high hopes and a large fanbase with people loving her left and right.

Unfortunately, things had to change. When the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana came to an end, Miley took this as an opportunity to branch out and reach to an older crowd. I was never a really big Hannah Montana or a Miley Cyrus fan to begin with, but originally I was fully supportive of her idea because I respect the idea of growing up after all these years.

However, there is a line between growing up and completely changing your image, and our good friend Miley has crossed that line. For example, at this past VMAs, Miley performed her newest song “We Can’t Stop.” I think it’s safe to say that after that performance, a majority of America said, “What are you doing?” Miley’s entire performance contained nothing but “twerking” left and right, slapping butts, stripping and, for some reason, there were a lot of giant teddy bears attached to the background dancers’ backs. Her singing did not even sound good that night, which is sad because she wasn’t that bad way back when she    was sweet.

Another example is Miley’s brand new music video for her newly-released song “Wrecking Ball.” The song is surprisingly enjoyable to listen to and is really catchy, but the music video is completely inappropriate. In this music video, Miley is completely naked and is pretty much dry humping a wrecking ball and making out with a sledge hammer. Sure some people may enjoy the provocative nature of the video, but is that really the image that Miley wants for the rest of her singing career?

This is definitely not the girl that was singing “The Best of Both Worlds” to a crowd of fans. Miley is without a doubt taking a turn for the worst at this point and it really seems like she’s slowly losing all of her fans, especially after the VMAs.

For her sake, I really hope she realizes that she is going down a bad road because if she keeps this up, she is going to end up in prison or worse. The girl who was once a teen idol is now a trashy freak, who doesn’t even realize America is turning away from her.

2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus’ antics grow more disturbing as time goes by

  1. Totally agree. She’s not only going way too far but she’s making that gorgeous fiance of hers look like an idiot for staying with her. She clearly doesn’t have any respect for herself, her body,family or like I said Liam hemsworth if he’s actually with her still. I’m pretty sure he fell for the girl she was not the wannabe she is today. Sure,it’s OK to grow up but there’s a line that separates the classy from the trashy and YUP she’s crossed it. If you want people to feel and respect your music (videos ) prancing around (half ) naked isn’t going to do the trick. Totally turned me off. Just saying:)

  2. Im sorry, did you not hear she broke the VEVO record with that music video? What she did at the VMA’s was really unacceptable, but her fan base is only getting bigger and her “new image” seems to be working just fine.

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