Shineman Center done, time to move attention to Lakeside

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As the construction of the Shineman Center wraps up, I have to wonder what’s next. My attention is immediately drawn to the two oldest lakeside dormitories, Scales and Waterbury halls. The exterior of both buildings is nothing like the glam of Johnson and Riggs, and when you walk in, it’s like you’re in a   different time.

The atmosphere of these buildings is extremely outdated. The hallways are narrow and cramped and every time I go through those doors I have a strong desire to cover my nose because of the foul stench that fills the air. The buildings are closed-off and dark. There is no light streaming through the windows or flyers on display. It seems more like a prison than a living community.

But besides the stench, what really concerns me are the notices that hang on the backs of the doors in Scales.  Taped and faded on the back of every bedroom door is a small white DANGER sign. It reads “PIPES IN THIS ROOM MAY CONTAIN ASBESTOS,” and it goes on about how you should stay away from any pipes that are located throughout the room.

There is a danger sign on the back of my bedroom door and I’m still living here? No thank you.

I believe Scales should be on the top of the list for construction. If I lived there I would be wondering if I would be waking up each morning. And not only do both these dorms clearly lack the sophistication and hype of the beautifully designed Johnson and Riggs, but they lack elevators. Now I’m not a big fan of elevators, but what about people that are handicapped and are unable to live in these dorms because they do not have the necessary accommodations? It seems pretty unjust that two out of the four dorms on lakeside don’t have elevators. Johnson houses only freshman and Waterbury and Scales possess no elevators, so that leaves only Riggs for those that are handicapped and want to live on lakeside.

This ideology also does not factor in that there are a lot of people vying for the lakeside dormitories. With only one option open for the handicapped, they have a much smaller chance of being located on lakeside.

At a respectable college, a building like Scales cannot stand. I believe that we deserve dormitories that reach a higher standard of living than they currently attain.

2 thoughts on “Shineman Center done, time to move attention to Lakeside

  1. As a Scales Resident, I find this article very offensive. While I respect the right of everyone to express their opinions, I have to question the legitimacy of the concerns presented in this article. First and foremost is the question of “glam.” Basically, the issue is with how “new” and “pretty” the building isn’t. I assure you that most of us living here aren’t as shallow as to make opinions based on factors such as these. We’re sheltered. We’re taken care of. Somehow, we are blissfully unaware of this “stench” you speak of.

    Second, if there were major safety concerns with the pipes and potential toxins, there would be more than an old sign taped to the wall. We wouldn’t be allowed in here. Period.

    The only point worth real consideration is the one about handicap accessibility. Yes, this does seem like something that should be worked on, however, I would also like to mention that those with disabilities are given first rights to buildings that can accommodate them (i.e. Riggs).

    At the end of the day, I’m afraid that this post must be taken for exactly what it is–an opinion, and one from someone who does not have vast experience with the tight-knit Scales Community and all that it stands for.

  2. As a Waterbury resident coming from Johnson previously I find no difference in the living conditions. I have a warm bed a hot shower and places to work and study. The people here are not friends but family and that goes for all residents of the RESIDENCE HALL (not dorm Thank you). The front desk of Waterbury is always bustling with people who are friendly, courteous, and always are good for a laugh or smile. To those who do not get to experience this I encourage you to come in and hang out. We welcome everyone!

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