Behave Yourselves Kids

It’s well known that Oswego State students make up a large part of the population in the town of Oswego. It could be argued that we, the student population, are a heavy burden on the town. Over 8,000 students attend Oswego State and, to be frank, there’s no way that we aren’t a burden.

Every week when the police blotter is released, it’s riddled with noise complaints, open containers and disorderly conducts. It’s more than common knowledge that some members of the town don’t appreciate the way we college students act

Think about it from their perspective. The summer is ending, which is always beautiful in Oswego, and it’s almost fall. This would normally mean bundling up in blankets and comfy clothes and an influx of pumpkin-flavored seasonal treats, but here it means closing your windows on weekends to cut down on the sounds of rowdy, drunken college students.

Of course we help the local economy: how could 8,000 people not? It may not even always be planned, but students do frequent local businesses. For example, what would Franco’s pizza do without the two o’clock rush of students leaving the bars? The town and the students are forced to work together and they are managing, not necessarily cooperating.

But does the business students provide to the town make up for their ridiculous antics? A boost to the economy of Oswego is good, but the amount of pointless paperwork caused by students’ tomfoolery is a disgrace.

Students need to take into consideration that this isn’t our town. We are seasonal residents. That’s not to say there aren’t some students who spend the entire year in Oswego, but most likely those aren’t the ones we’re talking about. Oswego in the summer is almost picturesque. It’s calm, more often than not there’s a cool breeze and there’s some great places to eat. Imagine, after having such a wonderful summer, you’re greeted with the sounds of rambunctious returning students who are going to turn your fall in Oswego, which should be lovely, into a nightmare.

So, next time you are out on the town, try to keep your voices down. The amount of fun you can have in the night is not directly related to the amount of noise you make. Don’t leave broken bottles and discarded cans behind at the end of your night, either. Littering is also a completely unacceptable way to treat our town. The same goes for public urination. We all need to keep our town clean. Respecting the town also means respecting the other residents, so if you stop somewhere for a late night snack, be courteous to the workers serving you and the other customers.

Think about it everyone: you all have had a guest who comes by every so often who gets way too comfortable, way too fast and doesn’t understand why you are frustrated with them and want them to leave. You are that guest, disrespectful students of Oswego.

Let’s be frank: we’re all adults here, but some of us aren’t acting like we are. It’s really about time we show the adults of this town that we’re worth being counted among them.

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