As seasons change, life does as well

How great is this time of year? Everyone is back in the swing of things here, football is back, Major League Baseball playoffs are right around the corner, whatever non-sports fan activities are probably happening and, most importantly, the heat is finally beginning to subside and fall will prevail (at least I hope, as I am currently sitting in 90-degree heat in my bedroom with nothing but a fan blowing more hot air on me).

This is by far my favorite time of the year. The weather is nice enough to be able to still go do things outside, but the temperature is not overbearing, I get to hang out with friends more, mostly because I live with them, and it means that the holiday season is not that far off. That’s right, I’m excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas even though they are months away. Holidays are awesome.

But I mention all of this because I have no idea where I’ll be, what I’ll be doing or who I’ll be with come this time next year. This being my senior year, I’ll be saying goodbye to the place I’ve spent a majority of the last three-plus years in just a few months. And though I know some of you might be ready to high-tail it out of here, I sure as hell am not. Of course, I’m anxious and would like to know where I’ll be post-college, but even if I did, I still would not sprint to get there.

So that’s why I’m appreciating simpler things in my final go-around in Oswego. I’ll miss sitting around with my housemates at night discussing some of the dumbest things on the planet. Seriously, we are not intellectuals by any sense. I once had a 20-minute conversation with a housemate about how every player on the Yankees hates Lyle Overbay. We are dumb.

I’ll also miss walking out of my room Saturday morning after a rough night and plopping down on the couch with my housemates and retelling the adventures from the night before. I’ll miss heading down to the Flat Rocks and I’ll miss spending a Tuesday night watching Netflix with my girlfriend. But perhaps most of all, and this is where I go back to all the stuff about fall that I love, I’ll miss sitting around watching football on a Sunday with my friends (sorry Caitlin, but I don’t know if that comes as a real shock).

To me, the ultimate relaxation is waking up at noon on an autumn Sunday and watching football for 10 hours. Well, I guess you would have to exclude the three hours when I’m watching my Titans. I’d hate to think that men on TV who could care less about me affect my mood, but the sad reality is that they do. It also does not help that they suck. Side note: I am not a cool person.

But what I don’t like is thinking that after this year, I’ll never be able to do that again with my friends here, or back home for that matter, as I am still close with many of them. Who knows where we’ll all be? I’m sure we’ll all still stay in touch, but after this upcoming May, when will we all be together to just sit around and watch sports?

Not knowing the answers to any of these questions is what bothers me. But what bothers me more is how depressing that paragraph was. Wow. That was unpleasant. Please excuse me as I now will head downstairs and go make fun of Lyle Overbay with my friends.

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