Creative Writing: For the Love of Women

For the Love of Women

Let her grace interrupt your space as she walks giving life to an ungrateful race


The Women

The strong, the beautiful

The fearless, the driven

The fixers, the joyful

The one whose love has no limit

Years of endless battles of suffrage and inequality, she stands tall taking in the pain with a strategy

Quietly, yet firmly, her truth is spoken

While yours is closed, it’s her heart that’s open

Feel the softness of her hands as she caresses the face of those who hurt her

Forgiving yet broken

Her generosity mistaken and stolen

Confused with weakness as she plays the role of a mother and father in a home weakened –

By separation

She does it all

Never does she fall

She is the meaning of endurance.


The Women

Overlooked, underappreciated

But with them, the earth is populated

Hold your head high

In yourself have pride

Your limit is the sky

Impeccable, confident and wise

Women have overcome adversity and pushed past heartache and strife

Have gone through the bitter but savored the sweet of life

But let the tears of defeat be replaced with a sigh of relief for women have grown, establishing a new criteria to meet

She is the light in a dark room

The powerful final line of a great speech

She is love at first sight

The tight verse over a perfect beat


The woman, all women

She now knows to be true

Young women, old and new

It all begins and ends with you.


Kiana St. Louis

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