Changes coming to resident dining halls

Starting this year, students coming back from late classes or looking for a bite of some nighttime munchies will no longer be able to go to Littlepage Dining Hall Fridays and Saturdays for late night dining, one of many changes the dining services had made this year.

Lakeside Dining Hall is open every day from 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. as a part of late night dining, which is 30 minutes less than last year. Instead of Littlepage sharing the same hours, Auxiliary Services has cut back their days to Sunday through Thursday.

According to Craig Traub, director of resident dining for Auxiliary Services, this change was made due to the lack of customers that utilized the past accommodations and low attendance from last year, as well as a need to accommodate the majority.

On the other hand, students have had no trouble voicing their opinions on the topic.

“I would not like to walk all the way across campus in the dark when I want some chicken wings,” Joseph Colomban, a junior living in Onondaga Hall, said.

Many students feel that the reason for closing Late Night in Littlepage on Fridays and Saturdays was not only for budget cuts, but because dining services did not want to deal with intoxicated students.

“I love late night, but [weekends] is when I want it most,” Karlee Trautwig, a freshman living in Oneida, said.

According to Traub, the mission of Resident Dining is to accommodate the needs of every student, and to provide healthy, fresh food.

There are also other new additions to dining services. “Lite Bite,” for example, is an extended lunch hour that takes place in Lakeside Dining Hall, allowing students to have a quick meal no matter what their class schedule is. Extended hours are also being offered at Cooper Dining Hall from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays through Wednesdays.

Auxiliary Services is continuing to promote healthy eating, more homemade dishes and portions that match the Oswego State online source, “My Plate” for people who are watching their calories.

“I am most proud of the fruit. The first thing anyone sees as they walk into the dining halls are fresh, hand cut fruit all for the taking,” Traub said. “I think that really says something. ”

Auxiliary Services encourages all students with compaints or comments to fill out comment cards located in the dining halls.
JoAnn Delauter
Contributing Writer

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