Student Association supports students

Tuesday, Feb. 12, of this year was a great day for students of Oswego State. The Student Association (SA) voted on and passed a resolution, which shows its support for the Oswego Art Initiative Project. The initiative would create a process in which students who would like display artwork at specific locations on campus can apply through a committee and be chosen to do so. The end result would hopefully be more art expression on campus by students and the beautification of certain areas such as the gray walls by Tyler Hall. This resolution has been sent to many important people in the Oswego State community, including President Deborah Stanley, along with a petition consisting of more than 600 Oswego State community members’ signatures.

The SA is a long-standing organization that manages all the student organizations on campus. You probably know us as the ‘bank’ of SA-funded orgs. I promise you, we are much more. The job of a Student Association Senator is to listen to our constituents (aka, YOU, the students), communicate student desires and needs to the college and to help make campus the best it can be for the students. Senators work based on what our constituents tell us they want. The executives within SA work on various projects for specific groups of students. For example, we have directors of athletic and Greek affairs. Now, before you get carried away, SA is not magical. We cannot answer all your questions, nor can we give you everything you want. We are only human, after all. If we do not know an answer to a question, we will find it out for you. If a policy that students are not happy with is out of our hands, we will voice the concerns to the appropriate offices and do what we can to work for you.

The passage of the resolution in support of the Oswego Art Initiative shows that the Student Association is listening to the students. Our ears are open and our pens are ready, so to speak. We are currently working to complete a variety of projects, including one which involves reviewing student safety policies. SA is also working on a resolution regarding the SUNY-wide smoking policy that will be enacted in coming years. Furthermore, SA is researching other schools’ policies regarding students’ rights within organizations to make sure we are doing all we can to protect the rights of our students within the club setting. We send representatives to sit on various campus committees including Auxiliary Services Board (dining halls and campus cafes), Parking Committee and Faculty Assembly. These students work with their respective committees to voice student concerns and interests.

We are here. We are listening. We are working. We are doing the best we can with the voices we are hearing. What can you do to speak up? Come to the Point. Talk to someone. Ask about your senator. Visit a senate meeting and see what we are all about on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. in the Campus Center Auditorium. Become a senator. Join SAPB. Join any club, for that matter. SA is only as strong as you make it.

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