Creative Writing: Glamour in the Skies

Lost in a world filled with all that you can imagine, Julia was left with nothing but the clothes on her back and the burden of mistakes she’s made in her past. Starving from hunger but also starving for a new beginning, all Julia could do was beg for help on the streets of LA and search for a way to restore her life. Her dirty and disheveled appearance diminished the actual beauty that her exotic face withheld.

Once prosperous, now hopeless, Julia staggered around trying to figure out how and why she let her life get this troubled. Blinded by the influence of sex and drugs, old money took a toll on this young girl who rapidly cyphered into nothing. With not a purpose in this world but the desire for drugs, Julia found herself caught in a major life crisis: homeless, abandoned by her family, without a job, broke and unwanted by a past lover. Julia’s once young complexion and healthy structure was no longer, as she found her body and mind beginning to change in odd ways like never before. The flesh that once glowed healthily upon her body now stuck to her bones as if she were dead and decaying. Her hair that once glistened in the sun and flowed gracefully in the air now sat tangled, greasy and flat upon her head.

Her thoughts began to wander from one to the next, not being able to focus on one thing at a time. Anger raged throughout her body and her blood began to boil, thinking to herself how she completely ruined her life. Pale as ever, as if the life had been sucked out of her, the only thing that Julia had left was her beautiful, melodic voice. As she lurched down the streets singing in perfect harmony, people would stare at her in disbelief, utterly dumbfounded, that this amazing voice had come from such a sick and hopeless looking girl.

As the time began to go by; days turned to hours, hours turned to minutes and minutes turned to seconds. Julia was counting down the moments to her last breath, in hopes that god would forgive her for all the trouble she brought to herself and others throughout her life. She began to sing her favorite song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. And within that song the lyrics tell it all, the story of a person who abused drugs that led to her eternal downfall. As the last stanza of the song was sung:


“If I could start again,
A million miles away,
I would keep myself,
I would find a way.”


Right then and there, Julia took her last breath in front of Ocean Way Recording Studios. Releasing her soul and relieving her pain, she let her soul float above into the clouds, to live a life of glamour in the skies.

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