Thanksgiving Day Checklist *Web Exclusive*

When we have classes off for Thanksgiving break, there is a checklist that would be interesting to follow. Item one on that list: talk with the family. It seems pretty obvious, but your grandparents might want to hear about your college year so far, even if you have told them before. Also, check with your brothers, sisters and younger cousins, as they probably have not seen you in months if you live far away. Just keep it simple; family is important.

Item two on the list is watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As cheesy as it may seem to some, there are always new additions to the balloon collection every year. Then again, there are some of us hoping to see someone crash the parade, but whatever the case may be, just catch a glimpse.

Item three is arguably everyone’s favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving: eat. What would be better is eating something that you helped cook. I have always helped make mashed potatoes and they taste good every single year. After the dinner is over, the list gets a little longer.

After the turkey has nearly put us to sleep, you remember item four: watching football. Yes, we know that the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys have traditionally played on Thanksgiving, but this year it might feel different because both teams are struggling, whereas one team is usually in a tight playoff race. No matter the standings, football is still pretty popular on Thanksgiving, so enjoy some relaxation (unless you are a Lions or Cowboys fan, then you might sweat your dinner off).

When football is over, item five sneaks into the list: Black Friday shopping. Whether it is waiting in long lines at midnight or looking at advertisements for the less crowded times later in the day, take advantage of some deals and remember, do not give someone a black eye and do not get a black eye.

Obviously your list may vary, but feel free to add to it or subtract some things. Enjoy the break and, while you’re at it, you might as well get ready for Christmas too.

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