Voting Is Your Civic Duty

The debates are now finished, the final polls are being counted and absentee ballots have been mailed out.

This is it folks, Nov. 6 is around the corner.

Now, this is not the time to implore you to keep President Barack Obama in office, beg you to give former Gov. Mitt Romney a chance or even dare you to vote for the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein. This is the time to make sure everyone who is able to vote does so on Tuesday.

Our nation was founded on the idea of democracy, that everyone will have a say, regardless of the size of the say. By refusing to vote, you are giving up one of your most basic and important rights as an American. You would not want to lose your right to free speech, would you?

Our democracy is strengthened when more people vote, and as college students we are typically an informed and intelligent demographic. Not only is your vote a service to yourself and your interests, it also enriches our entire democracy.

As college students, the importance of voting is immense. College students represent a huge demographic, often underrepresented as voters. We are the “voice of the future” and it makes our vote count that much more. If you do not vote, not only are you ignoring a future that you will be a part of, but you are also doing a disservice to your peers who are planning on voting.

So regardless of whether you vote for Obama, Romney or even write in a vote for candidate X, get out there on Tuesday and vote. Take advantage of the fact that you are an American.

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