Campus Recreation Sports Update

Broomball continued Tuesday, Oct. 23 with hard-fought games that only ended in ties. Sex Panthers started out the nightly trend against the Evil Monkeys, scoring a goal in the second period. Evil Monkeys came back with a goal in the third to end the game 1-1. A back and forth game, Team Chicken Patty started the first period with a goal against Multiple Scoregasms. Multiple Scoregasms responded with two goals in the second period to take the lead. Team Chicken Patty battled back, scoring a goal in the third period, leaving the game 2-2 at the buzzer.

After a slow start, The Turtle and Off Constantly went into the third period with The Turtle leading 1-0. Off Constantly came back with Jared Lahm, who scored two third-period goals. The Turtles came back with another goal, and the game ended tied at 2. The last game of the night between Half Chubs and Oswego Hurricanes remained 0-0 going into the second period, when both teams each scored a goal. The game ended 1-1.

An impressive game on Sunday between Ice Ice Baby and Blue Balls ended 16-1, with Ice Ice Baby dominating. Ice Ice Baby had quite the advantage, scoring nine goals in the opening period. Another seven goals in the second and third periods brought their total to 16. Blue Balls managed to edge in a goal in the third period, avoiding a shutout.

The badminton games this past weekend showed good sportsmanship and plays among teams. Friday’s scores saw competition among Freshmen and The Shuttlecocks with Freshmen taking the game, 3-1. In a singles match, JillaKilla beat Chad Brooks 3-1. Some notable scores: Mufasbros went 2-0 on Saturday, beating both Giraffe & Wale and Peruvian Puff Peppers, 3-0, in doubles matches.

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