United Way uses video by alum

On Sept. 12 the United Way of Greater Oswego County kicked off its 2012-2013 campaign year with the video “It’s Our Community… and It’s Personal,” a video created by recent Oswego State graduate Allain Daigle. The video was created to highlight the “Meals on Wheels” program for Oswego County Opportunities and resulted in a great response from the around 150 people that attended the kick-off event.

“Allain Daigle was an intern here at UWGOC,” said Lois Luber, Regional Director of UWGOC. “United Way asked him to do this video, as he made a video that was debuted at an annual meeting earlier this spring.”

The video showcased United Way’s workers, pride and the positive way the United Way impacts its customers. It also highlighted how the United Way is working to positively fight hunger.

“The video in total was about 80 hours of work,” Daigle said. Daigle, a former Cinema and Screen Studies major at Oswego State. “fifty of those hours came just from editing.”

One of the main reasons that Daigle became interested in the program was because of his concern for hunger in the Oswego area, along with his involvement with the Compass at Oswego State, which referred him to the United Way.

“Allain has worked on several projects for me, and I have enthusiastically referred him to many other organizations based on his professionalism, quality work, and creativity,” said Christy Huynh, a former coworker of Daigle at the Compass. “He has gone on to do great work for many other organizations and has, through his artistic expression, informed and inspired the community.”

Daigle said his time with the United Way was dear to him because it allowed him to help serve the people of the community, and opened his eyes to the positive effects of community outreach.

“Everybody from the UWGOC was very welcoming and very excited to have me on the project,” Daigle said. “I think my video contributed positive imagery to the United Way, and gave a more contemporary feel for audiences using the medium of visuals. My internship with the United Way helped me to see media from a different perspective.”

Lois Luber of the UWGOC said that the video will continue to be shown at company campaigns. The video that Daigle created is for just one of the 30 different programs the United Way offers.

“We are very thankful for everything that Oswego State has done for the United Way, and Daigle was just one of those great things Oswego has contributed,” said Luber.

Daigle graduated from Oswego State last May and is currently continuing his film studies at St. Andrews University in Scotland.


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