Student Health Committee holds annual fair

On Friday, Sept. 14 from 3 to 4:30 p.m., the Student Health Advisory Committee, also known as SHAC, held their annual SHAC fair event. SHAC promotes the Mary Walker Health Center on campus and offers many different services to Oswego State students.

Oswego State students may also know SHAC for their stress baskets and free taxicab rides to the hospital if students need to get there and cannot afford to, or do not have a way to get there.

During the fair, Oswego State students received several free things, like cookies and lemonade and were able to dye a tye dye T-shirt. Flu shots were also available free for students, with just a sheet of paperwork required.

The Lifestyles Center also had a booth, where students could get free lip balm and hand sanitizer and learn more about the Lifestyles Center. The Counseling Center had a booth where students could learn more about the center and decorate a stone with paint and stamps of meaningful quotes. There were also raffles for iTunes gift cards, Bobble water bottles, and countless other Oswego State merchandise items. Another popular attraction was the beer goggles that students could wear while trying to throw a Ping-Pong ball into a cup, which many students were unsuccessful at accomplishing.

Katelyn Woodruff, a senior health and wellness major, is the president of SHAC. She had many tasks, including the care of organizational matters for the event. Woodruff has done a lot to promote Mary Walker Health Center, where she works as a desk attendant. She has been in SHAC since her freshman year. Woodruff will be graduating this year and plans to become an occupational therapist.

“This is the first club I joined on campus, and as a health and wellness major it is important to me that Oswego State students know about all of the services that Mary Walker Health Center provides,” said Woodruff. “After being in this club for four years, and now graduating with the president title, I am apprehensive to say goodbye to my fellow SHAC members and faculty advisors but know to look forward to my future.”

Elizabeth Yablonski, vice president of SHAC, said, “I enjoy being a bridge between Mary Walker Health Center and the Oswego State student body.” Yablonski is a senior information science major with a minor in theater and has been a contributor to SHAC since she joined as a freshman.

There were many Oswego State students who attended that took advantage of the flu shots, free food, free tie dye T-shirts, prizes and to get a chance to learn more about the Health Center, the Counseling Center and the Lifestyles Center. SHAC faculty advisors Mary Ann Perlman and Tara Auler said that they were pleased to see so many students enjoying the fair and learning more about what services that Mary Walker Health Center provides.

SHAC faculty from left to right: Mary Ann Perlman, Tara Auler, Katelyn Woodruff, and Elizabeth Yablonski

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