‘Tastes Like Human: The Shark Guy’s Book of Bitingly Funny Lists’

“Tastes Like Human: The Shark Guy’s Book of Bitingly Funny Lists” by Noel Boivin and Christopher Lombardo, is definitely a guy’s book, but girls will enjoy it too. It is full of ridiculous lists about an array of topics, including “The Eight Great Achievements in Sitting,” “Top 10 Exploding Animals,” “Top 10 Horniest Cult Leaders of All Time,” “Top Eight Criminal Prank Calls” and “11 Elevator Etiquette Guidelines,” to name a few. This book is a very quick and simple read full of laughs and “wow” moments. The book is written as though they are telling you about the lists personally. They successfully use sarcasm and dirty jokes to make you want to keep reading, increasing your fascination with the ridiculous.
The lists were hilarious and informative. I now know the top 10 reasons why I should never return anything, and why sharks are better than cats. This was just an overall fun read from cover to cover. However, if you really do not care about the 10 famous last words that could use a do-over you can just skip it. This book is like the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the college guy.
This book is a casual read for when you have nothing better to do or just need some sort of relief from that enormous beast of a paper you have to finish. This book is good for a laugh and fun useless trivia facts.
If someone does choose to read this book and like it, then they should check out Boivin and Lombardo’s other book “The Man Who Scared the Shark to Death and Other Tales of Drunken Debauchery,” or their website TheSharkGuys.com. There are many other people and sites they worked with to find the awkward things and moments described in this book, and are listed in the acknowledgements section.

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