‘Human’ creates challenge

Provided by Kaite Lauren Goldstein

Two years of research, writing, performing and editing are finally starting to pay off for one Oswego State student.

Courtney Bennett, senior theatre major, is going to New York City along with her production team of fellow students to enter her original piece titled “Human” in the “Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Long One Act Competition.” “Human” is just one of the 12, long one-act plays that have been selected to perform and to compete for a $1,000 prize.

Bennett started interviewing people she knew to get their take on real life experiences about two years ago. She has taken what they have told her and has formed her show “Human,” which was inspired by “Peter Pan.” She was on the cast selection committee two years ago and they read “Peter Pan,” of which she had always been in love with the idea and symbolism of the show.

When the committee overlooked the show, Bennett decided that she would write her own show with a very similar message. Her show morphed from “Peter Pan” into what she has titled “Human.”

“Human” is a show that is all about the journey, trials and miracles of the act of living,” Bennett said.

It is a story about a puppet who frees itself from its strings and travels through the memories of humans, learning what it truly means to be a human and alive. She has changed her vision of the show several times and is still tempted to change parts of the script, even now as the competition approaches in just a few short weeks. But she says that is all just part of the process. She not only wrote the show, but is also performing and producing the piece as well. According to Bennett, tackling all three of these tasks is very time consuming, taxing and overwhelming.

After being shown in New York City they will be bringing the performance to Oswego State on May 6.

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