Hot Chelle Rae


Hot Chelle Rae, the pop-rock band from Nashville, Tenn. released their second album entitled “Whatever,” on Nov. 29. The band consists of four members; Ryan Follese, Nash Overstreet, Ian Keaggy and Jamie Follese. The band attracted a lot of fans with their 2011 hit “Tonight, Tonight.”

They are known for their extremely poppy hooks and catchy melodies. They like to take rap-like lyrics and place them in a pop song similar to Kesha’s style. The band’s songs are light-hearted and fun; perfect for the young party atmosphere.

On the album, Hot Chelle Rae had some help from other artists with the track, “Why don’t you love me,” which includes Demi Lovato and “I like it like that,” which includes New Boyz. “Whatever” is filled with fun catchy hooks that stay in the listener’s head for hours. The lyrics are not very inspiring or deep, for example: “Till the break of dawn, yeah, party on my lawn. Whistle as the girls walk by, if the cops roll up (so what?).” And the band likes to repeat the lyrics in their hooks continuously until the listener almost cannot take it anymore and has to change the song.

Even though Hot Chelle Rae was nominated as best new artist at this year’s American Music Awards, they still aren’t very impressive. They will be a hit sensation with the pre-teen generation, but as far as good, quality music is concerned, the band is lacking substance. Their vocals are electronically produced, their rhythms are not anything special and their lyrics have been done time and time again. If listeners want light-hearted pop music for their parties, Hot Chelle Rae is perfect, but if they are looking for substance then they had better look elsewhere.


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