Tradition reunites students with family, friends over eventful autumn weekend

This weekend, Oct. 21 and 22, many friends and families of students will flock to Oswego State for the annual Friends and Family Weekend.

For much of the student body, this event marks the first time that students will see their friends and family since the school year began. It is a great opportunity for parents to see and students to show off what they have done and who they have become over the last two months.

“Friends and Family Weekend started at Oswego in the mid 80s. Lots of universities were conducting parent’s weekend and events like that at the time so Oswego created Friends and Family Weekend,” said Kelly Perkins, coordinator of the event from the department of campus life.

Students who are expecting visitors this weekend are looking forward to sharing some of the stories and memories they have already made here on campus. Many consider this event to be very beneficial both to parents and students.

“It keeps parents and their kids connected, lets parents get a taste of what their child does everyday, and gives families a chance to see each other because in most cases many students live far away from their families,” freshman Jordan Camp said. “It’s a different situation for me because I do live close, but I am really excited to see my mom, dad and brother.”

The weekend is primarily directed towards first-year students, who are still adjusting to college life.

“It’s an opportunity for college students who’ve been away from home to physically reconnect with their loved ones and to allow them to get a better sense of said students’ college lives. My mom is coming to see me and I am excited to hang out with her,” freshman Robin Mendoza said.

Upperclassmen still participate as a way to update their family and friends on life at Oswego State.

“It’s great for distant and out-of-state students who only get to see their families during holidays. It’s very cool to watch,” sophomore Cristina Grassi said.

The weekend is filled with events that show off the students’ scholarly, creative and athletic talents. Student musicals, free concerts, the women’s volleyball game, library book sales and the men’s hockey game are just a few of the events that are going on.

“The weekend makes the school seem more like a community,” Perkins said. “For one weekend, it’s not just about the students.”

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