Reform of Tier II budget process passes

"Student Association passed the Budget Process Reanimation bill on Tuesday. The bill will not become law until S.A. President Steven DiMarzo signs it or senate overrides his veto.

"The bill moves the Tier II budget process to the spring when Tier III budgets are declared, rather than the keeping it in the fall. It also requires that Tier II organizations to submit a charter, which describes how the organizations are progressing toward the goals stated within their constitutions.

""By moving it to the spring, we don’t have to guess how many Tier II organizations there will be," said chair of finance committee Kris Brandow, creator of the bill. Knowing the number of organizations would allow for a proper calculation of the amount of money to be allocated toward the Tier II budget.

""So in the spring, [the organizations] know how much they have for the fall," Brandow said. This is different than the previous system where many times the organizations do not usually receive money until mid-October.

""We didn’t receive Tier II funding until mid-October," said Matt Harmer, president of Secular Student Alliance, a Tier II organization. "Which meant that we either had to go to the Senate for money, or postpone events for the first two months."

"Moving the budget up would allow clubs to hold fundraisers and other events earlier, Harmer said.

""The climate does play a factor in planning a year’s worth of events," he said. "If you consider how many sports clubs, outdoor activity clubs and general events there are that take place outdoors, then those two months could potentially represent a lot of problems."

"However, there are some concerns about the Tier II budget being decided at the same time as the Tier III budget.

""The Tier II budget alone was complex," said S.A. Director of Finance Armando Franco. "And now mixed with the Tier III budget, that will mean more hours into balancing the 2011-2012 master budget for S.A."

"Franco also said that there might not be enough input from organizations and that the process of passing the new bill was rushed. He predicted that it will cause a disruption in the budget.

"Despite the extra work for Budget Council and the Senate, it will benefit the organizations and the students involved in the organization. Brandow said the bill will help ease the budget process.

""It makes us run cleaner and makes organizations happy," he said.

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