Raising concerns over ID access, safety

Home security; it’s one of the basic human needs. That peace of mind that comes from the certainty that our dwellings are protecting us from a cruel world outside—well, that is what turns any house, from your parent’s house to your first apartment, even a dorm room, into a home.

This idea of the home as an intimate and private place that shelters us from the tearing and sheering effects of the public is indeed so central to our American sense of selves that it lays the foundations for our Third and Fourth Amendments.

So when we learned that the Residence Life and Housing has been asleep at the switch in regard to home safety issues, we were concerned. The fact that former students retain ID access to what has become the home to a whole new crop of students may not seem like a monumental oversight. But it strikes to the core of our ideal secure home. While students strive and strain under the many pressures and stressors of college, don’t they at least deserve to live where they can feel at ease knowing that not just anyone is allowed near their rooms? As you answer, remember that we already pay quite a pretty penny for our rooms. If we are to stay within reach of our secruity and our mental calm this problem ought to be fixed as soon as possible. We deserve it. And we pay for it.

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