University Police increase bike patrols on campus

Oswego State’s University Police and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Board are emphasizing the enforcement of traffic laws that apply to cyclists on college campuses.

Officer cyclists will be issuing warnings and citations to students riding bikes who are not obeying state law.

"There are always issues with cyclists on campus" said Thomas Woodruff, coordinator of the bike patrol. "Our bike patrol has been out and trying to take care of things that the officers in squad cars can’t get to or things they might not be able to see."

The bicycle unit with U.P. is a supplemental patrol and officers only go out on bikes if they have enough manpower.

"I’ve seen quite a few more police on bikes lately. This isn’t a bad idea especially with the construction, they can use that mobility," said student cyclist Dan Truong, a sophomore engineering major.

Woodruff also explained how the construction and renovations on campus have affected student cyclists and why the officers are patrolling on bikes.

"With the construction on campus and the roadways being how they are, both cars and cyclists are doing things that aren’t safe for them as well as motorists and pedestrians" he said. "There are a lot of vehicle and traffic laws that cyclists need to obey as well."

The "Sharing the Road Safely" traffic safety guide, which is distributed at the U.P. Station, outlines the rules of the road for cyclists that get overlooked quite frequently.

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