Hart program qualifies for General Education credit

Beginning this year, students who live in Hart Hall have a unique opportunity to fulfill their Western and Non-Western Civilization General Education (Gen. Ed.) requirements.

The Hart Hall International Studies Course (IST), which has been available to students for several years, can now be used toward the two Gen. Ed. requirements.

In addition to participating in the traditional IST program, students must write a 15-page essay at the end of their fourth consecutive semester in Hart Hall, said Greg Parsons, faculty director of Hart Hall. Students must also receive a passing grade in order to qualify for four credit hours.

Parsons came up with the idea for the IST course to be counted for Western and Non-Western Civilization Gen. Ed. requirements. He said the idea was approved by the General Education Board last semester and was approved in Albany over the summer.

By changing the credits for the course, Parsons said he expected more students to become involved with the program.

Students participating in the IST course must attend at least six approved programs during a semester (a minimum of three for each Gen. Ed. requirement) and write a reaction paper for each event. If a student does not meet the course requirements, they will fail the course and will be required to move out of Hart Hall .

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