Mascot search on hold, no plans to continue

Oswego State continues to be without a mascot, and that does not appear to be changing any time soon.

"I am not sure that this can be brought to fruition soon," Athletic Director Tim Hale said. "I think it could be done in a year. It will require buy in from everyone, from students to alumni, and that will not be a quick process."

There are some students and alumni that feel the issue with the mascot search is not a lack of passion from students, but rather lack of direction.

"When I asked the student body whether or not Oswego State needed a mascot, the response I got back was clear," said Greg Aiello, a former student who started the current campaign for a mascot. "We need a defining image for our Lakers. This will help people get excited about what’s going on."

Aiello is the administrator of the Facebook group "Mission: Get a Mascot for Oswego." He, along with fellow administrator and Oswego State graduate Latasha Archer, said they have been fighting to get a mascot for years.

"As far as the progress that the mascot campaign has made, lets just say it is still moving forward but not at the pace I am comfortable with," Archer said.

There are no immediate plans in place to advance the mascot search. According to Archer, she was part of the last major move to continue to the mascot process, but with nothing to show for her efforts.

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