Cutler shows true colors

The Chicago Bears slogan reads "Real Bears Fans Wear Pink." The slogan was a great effort to sell pink T-shirts to raise money for finding the cure to breast cancer. The cause has raised over $160,000 since being introduced in 2008, but unfortunately not all of the Bears players have bought into the motto.

It wasn’t too hard to notice a very important Bears player missing something Sunday night when the Bears and New York Giants met in Chicago. Bears quarterback and team captain Jay Cutler had no extra pink in his attire. He of course had the minimal requirement on his helmet, but there was no pink anywhere else on his uniform. Instead of a pink towel, a white towel dangled from his hip. Instead of pink cleats, Cutler wore his everyday black and orange team cleats.

Now for a second we could give Cutler the benefit of the doubt, but the bottom line is Cutler didn’t wear pink because he is a classless individual. Cutler is an athlete who thinks he is above the rest of the world. It is said that he doesn’t have to support causes for the betterment of all people. Normally you would feel bad for someone who was tossed around nine times and suffered a concussion. In this case, you almost wish the arrogant athlete suffered a full brain transplant. It might be harsh, but unfortunately he needs a little cage rattling to wake up from his self- centered ego. Quick news flash for you Jay Cutler, you’re below average in the NFL and this didn’t help your popularity.

This isn’t something you can forget to put on. Anyone who saw the games knows the NFL loaded all lockers with all the pink items. He purposely refused to wear the pink. Maybe he doesn’t look good in pink, but it would look better than the blue he saw in his face all night. Warren Sapp called it karma. Maybe it was karma. Sweet justice for being against righteousness. Cutler is the Joker of the NFL and the Giants were Batman Sunday night.

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