Fantasy football robbing fans of team loyalty

"There use to be a time when you could sit down on Sunday, flip on the tube and watch your favorite NFL team. You would be devastated when they lose and euphoric when they win. Those were the days long before fantasy football took over completely.

"Now you sit down on Sunday, watch all the channels at the same time while checking the Internet to make sure Tim Hightower is certainly going to get the football in St. Louis. Then you look and see you have Aaron Rodgers playing the Eagles and, what do you know, you got the Philadelphia defense too.

"Then you realize your Panthers are playing the New York Giants and guess what? You have Ahmad Bradshaw. At first there are no worries. You’re still a fan right? Well one would believe so anyway. At that moment of question Eli Manning finds Hakeem Nicks for a touchdown. Instead of being upset there was a touchdown allowed, you find yourself upset that they didn’t give the ball to Bradshaw inside the 10-yard line.

"As you watch the games you have your fantasy guru application on your phone refreshing every five minutes just to make sure team Juggernauts hasn’t gained any ground. The saga drags into the early morning hours of Tuesday as Antonio Gates tries to even the tally. Finally, you escape with a win.

"You realize the clock reads way past your bed time. But you have to make sure you scope the free agents for this week. Ensuring that you snag Brandon Jackson since Ryan Grant might be gone for the season. At that moment you remember you have a second team on a different website.

"Fantasy football is becoming the nations favorite past time. Why like an actual team when you can own one yourself? On top of that you all compete with your friends for cash prizes and pride. Even better, you don’t even have to pull a hamstring in the process.

"There is that feeling that you’re an actual general manager. Seemingly in a way you are. Trades dance in your head. Countless hours are spent finding guys who could possibly pick up a few points down the road.

"The time for watching your favorite team and actually caring for their play is long gone for most. Sure, when they get in the playoffs and fantasy football has reached season’s end you hang on with every snap. Until then you can still flip on college football and watch your team. Wait a second, Yahoo Sports just introduced me to fantasy college football. The sports fan will never be the same.

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