‘Resident Evil’ shines in afterlife


Springing to life in 3-D on the big screen, the video game inspired movie series "Resident Evil" is back with its fourth installment; "Resident Evil: Afterlife."

Alice, played by Milla Jovovich ("The Fifth Element"), is back to continue taking down the evil Umbrella Corporation. The movie quickly moves into a heart-pounding, action-packed thrill-ride as she and some friends take down an entire Umbrella facility.

Besides her goal to take down Umbrella, Alice is constantly on the lookout for survivors, including her friends Claire Redfield, and K-Mart, and characters from the third film. Alice recieves a broadcast transmitting a message that there is "food, shelter and safety" in a haven known as Arcadia. The only survivor she finds there is Claire, played by Ali Larter ("Obsessed"), who has complete memory loss.

The two pair up and fly to Hollywood where they rescue a handful of survivors. The group’s mission is to not only keep themselves from getting killed but also to find the thousands of other survivors that were taken all while finding a way to punish Umbrella.

This film was produced, directed, and written by Paul W.S. Anderson, producer and writer of the previous three has directed all of the "Resident Evil" movies. Anderson also directed the first movie in the series, "Resident Evil,"which gives fans of the series an idea of what to expect. Anderson has done wonders transferring these video games into enjoyable movies that don’t have a choppy storyline, or poorly-applied special effects.

Each of these films he has done a marvelous job to incorporate certain characters from the games onto the big screen, as well as the creatures gamers have to fight. For example the main bad guy, Albert Wesker (played by Shawn Roberts; "Edge of Darkness") head of the Umbrella Corporation itself, is from the fifth Resident Evil video game.

The acting itself was impeccable. Jovovich was, again, superb as Alice. It takes a great actress, or in this case a model-turned-actress, to have the audience connect and even envy this character. Larter was also impressive in her return to the series, and Roberts played the villain perfectly.

With the enhanced walking dead and the mesmerizing storyline, this is by far the best "Resident Evil" yet. It will take the viewer on a ride they will never forget as the movie has them gripping the edge of their seats with all of the twists, turns and unexpected cliff hangers at the end.

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