Staff Editorial – Renovating buildings, lives

By fall of 2013, Piez, Wilbur and Park Halls will be completely renovated into a new science complex that will unify the math, science, english and other departments and create an all-purpose complex that will make a student’s day less nomadic.

During this transformation process, all of the aforementioned buildings will be evacuated and classes that normally are conducted within those walls will be moved over to Hewitt Union. So don’t worry, folks, that seemingly deserted building you walk by every day on the way to classes will once again have some life stirring in it. Turns out it was a good thing Hewitt didn’t kick the bucket just yet. We suppose the administration might have known what they were doing.

We know there are going to be a multitude of short-term ramifications while all of this construction is taking place. People are going to be irritated, inconvenienced and indignant over the sight of caution tape and construction vehicles. Faculty will have to travel to foreign buildings that aren’t three steps away from their offices. But in the end, it will be worth it. We hope.

It’s easy to feel some sort of unmitigated pessimism when these sudden "inconveniences" seemingly pop up. Oh, by the way, you have a 20-page paper due next week. Oh, by the way, you have outstanding fees on your student account. Oh, by the way, the school is planning a massive renovation and your daily routine is going to be altered and the once simple tasks you could accomplish in no time will be different in ways that will tick you off in subtle, yet excruciatingly poignant ways.

We, as students, need to keep in mind, however, that before things can get better, they need to be slightly worse. We must endure for the future generations to be able to experience a more conducive learning environment. The people before us had it worse than we did, so it’s only our turn. Try some optimism, it might just do you good.

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