America lost moral ground

Frankly, we never had it. This obsession with pretending that we know better than other countries has pushed me over the edge. Where do we get the gall to think this?

Let’s see what some people believe. First, that homosexuals are less than people; and therefore, do not have the right to marry, mostly because it is not in a book that was written over 2,000 years ago. Second, if people can’t afford health care, then it’s their fault because they aren’t making enough money. Third, when those whom they don’t agree with do something "bad," it is suddenly something that is morally reprehensible.

Why do these people feel they are more qualified to know what is right and wrong? Is it because they feel they have religion on their side? Is it because they feel they have ideology on their side? An ideology that a mere 50 years ago advocated racism in the southern states of our nation.

Am I saying that all republicans are like this? No. I’m not even saying that everyone in the religious right are like this. I’m saying people who believe this cannot say they hold the moral high ground.

All of America, in fact, has no right to say this. We never have. When a country is founded on slavery, we have no place to claim the moral high ground.

The ethical indignation that has swept across this country is sickening. Republicans shout at the top of their lungs when a democrat is caught having an affair, and vice versa. "Real outrage from real people who just want their country back," is a phrase Glenn Beck loves to use.

My final question is this: What is wrong with tolerance? Until we stop decrying it as something to be feared and shunned, we can never hold any type of moral high ground.

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