Obama bending the truth?

I believe that one thing we as Americans can agree on is that we need our leaders to be honest and trustworthy citizens, and we could expect that our President be the most truthful, correct?

Well, you may be a little surprised to hear that he is actually making some rather "off base" remarks in his speeches, one in particular involving the infamous "ObamaCare." Recently, our President addressed Congress with a great speech that seemed to wow the millions of people who were tuned in watching, but you may be a little shocked to know that it wasn’t 100 percent factual.

In his speech, Obama uses an example of a man named Otto S. Raddatz, who was struggling through a bout with cancer in April of 2005. Obama talks about how Otto’s seemingly devilish insurance company dropped his coverage because of an unreported gallstone that Mr. Raddatz didn’t know about. This process is known as a "Rescission," which is a very common practice among insurance companies and is completely legal, yet our President "fails" to mention that to Congress and us. Our president said "they delayed his treatment, and he died because of it."

You may be surprised to hear that this is not exactly the truth, actually far from it. Mr. Raddatz’s coverage was stopped for three weeks, and during this time, the insurance company was evaluating his health and looking at Otto’s contract. It was reinstated thereafter and the insurance company then covered a life-prolonging stem cell surgery, which went as planned. This stem cell transplant gave Mr. Raddatz life for nearly four more years; he died just recently.

I just think something is a little fishy about this. If Obama is going to say things like this to get his ObamaCare passed, I don’t know how much of his words I can take as the truth. It is only American nature to not trust the government and I think it is the only way to progress. We need to be hesitant of our government and make them earn our trust. I do not care about political party affiliation: that should not matter. It doesn’t matter if you are a republican, democrat, or independent. We, as a group, need to be cautious of any administration, especially one that is trying to enforce such daunting programs as socialized health care.

Although it may be "cool" to be pro-Obama and to talk like you know what is going on in politics, people really need to look at the facts before they chose a side. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten into a discussion with a college student about politics and they say something about "voting for change" or Obama anything. Then when I ask them a question that involves actual political policy or fact, they are dumbfounded. It makes me sick to see and hear all these 18-24 year olds saying they voted for Obama, and when asked why they become silent.

It’s embarrassing for us as a generation to be so under-informed on things that matter so much to us and our future. Doesn’t anyone agree with me? Sometimes I feel like I am the only mild conservative college student out there. I think people are starting to realize what exactly they have gotten themselves into by voting for this man they had no idea about previously. I am not trying to bash our leader. I just want to be able to fully trust everything that comes out of his mouth, and at this point, my hope is dwindling.

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