Beauty gets ridiculous

Over a year ago, a close friend introduced me to the poetic stylings of Rafael Casal and his poem entitled "Barbie and Ken 101." It speaks about media and how it has put this idea in the mind of women that they need to be beautiful.

Not just any kind of beautiful, but the kind of beautiful that they choose. The beauty that is only skin deep. It’s a beauty that consists of blonde hair and a skinny frame; all of which should be shoved into a tall, but not too tall package. You may think this isn’t true but take a look around. The most desirable women on earth fit this description. Look at Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston and Carmen Electra. They may not all be blonde, but they fit the other criteria.

For those stubborn people who don’t think I have a point, here’s another example. Kelly Osbourne has always been a plump brunette and not in the sex appeal spotlight. However, she’s been losing weight and changing her look. Playboy model Crystal Harris was quoted saying, "she’s been losing weight and she’s blonde now. She looks good. I want to see what she looks like naked." Kelly had to lose weight and go blonde for this attention.

Beauty comes in so many shapes and sizes. But in the end, the business of beauty is purely about profit. We are the producers of that profit; the ones that have put these images on high pedestals. Don’t you think we should change that?

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