Paper, pen mightier than keyboard

The most efficient way to run a classroom is to enforce the no technology policy. Doing this will ensure respect for the professor, and potentially, an A in the class. We live in a society where technology is a necessity in order to get ahead professionally and academically, but in the classroom, it is the professor’s job to help us flourish, not technology.

In today’s generation, when people do not know something, they rely on Google or another outlet on the internet to provide the answers. People are so accustomed to referring to the internet that when another source is available, they do not take a chance on it.

Many students and professors think it is necessary to use their laptops, phones and tablets, among other electronics, in the classroom, when in fact, it is more of a distraction than a resource. The professors who do not allow these technologies in classrooms are doing students a favor.

There are numerous classes and lecture halls where using technology is allowed. Look around the room though, and likely, more than half of those using a laptop are not doing classwork. Students use Facebook and Twitter, send emails and play games. By doing so, students abuse the privilege and disrespect professors by not giving them their undivided attention.

Some argue technology in classrooms is nice when something the professor said is not understood or for clarity on a topic or word. There is a solution to this problem that does not involve the use of technology. Simply raise a hand to ask the professors questions. Professors provide a lot of opportunity for students to talk to them before and after class, in addition to office hours.

Students use technology as an excuse to sit in class and distract themselves and others. Although some professors make students sit in the back if they are going to use a laptop, the laptops still distract the students using it and the professors.

There are those students who say they need their laptops to take notes. Studies have shown, however, that people remember and understand more when they write things down as opposed to typing it. There is no reason why students should need anything more than just a pen and paper in class. There are some professors who allow laptops but no phones.

However, students can still text and surf the internet on their laptops. Professors get disrespected every day because they do not enforce this rule. Some professors want students to put their devices away as soon as they enter the classroom, even if class time has not started. Students in those classes have to stand outside to text or make phone calls.

This may seem very annoying and uncomfortable. Usually students like to scroll through their phone when they get to a class early before putting it away and taking out a notebook. When students walk into the classroom on their phones, they tend not to put it away as soon as the class starts.

They finish reading the Twitter post or viewing someone’s snap before turning their phones off. This can take up class time, and again, distract the professor and students.

Photo:Taylor Woods | The Oswegonian

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