Delicious chicken patty favorite sandwich among student body

Chicken Patty Day at Oswego State is a thrilling day. From the moment students see, chicken patty on the menu, everyone’s stomach begins to rumble a bit inside. The line is long as can be, with everyone very excited.

The excitement will not stop until they are satisfied with big full bellies of fried chicken sandwiches. This sandwich is so poular that the dining hall staff serves several thousand chicken patties each day the sandwich is offered. The chicken patty is a favorite here mainly because of the large variety offered when creating a chicken patty sandwich.

Different breads are offered such as wheat and white. Dining halls have the main course of the chicken patty breast, seasoned with bread crumbs. Students get creative with toppings for the chicken patty with anything from a tomato, to shredded lettuce or American cheese.

There are any number of condiment combinations to include on the chicken patty which include hot sauce, barbecue sauce, mayo, siracha sauce, ketchup, ranch dressing and honey mustard. The chicken patty is a favorite choice of the day for the hungry and the stressed.

The deep fried breading on fresh chicken is apparently so delectable with its juicy inside that it is tough to resist. On top, students can include lettuce and a watery red tomato or just plain old American cheese. Students do not see it as the ordinary chicken patty from high school.

It is a high-quality sandwich. That is why the students here with unlimited meal plans take advantage by eating two or more chicken patties. Students without a meal plan can still try the chicken patty, on famous chicken patty day, or at The Crossroads in the campus center by spending dining dollars to pick up one of the famous sandwiches. This opportunity is rarely passed up by students or faculty.

Next time chicken patty day comes around, try it and experience the chicken patty phenomenon driving students crazy.

Photo: Taylor Woods | The Oswegonian

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