Virtual reality may or may not be future for film industry

With technology rapidly advancing and enhancing each year, it keeps the public on its toes about what our future may look like. One of the most talked about new innovations in the tech world is virtual reality. Virtual reality has been dubbed the future of not only video games, but also film. As a child, I couldn’t have imagined a world with touch screen phones and Siri, but now as an adult I am thrown into a new world that could include virtual reality.

I have read and watched a number of reviews and looked at new products such as the Oculus Rift, the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Even though the public loves the new virtual reality technology, I do not believe that it can be the future of film. With new technology comes new rules and new techniques that one has to learn and not everyone is currently or wants to be tech savvy. Having virtual reality encroach upon older generations and even the current generation’s way of watching movies will ruin the experience of film for everyone. Watching a movie with your family or friends should mean popping in a DVD or turning on Netflix and being able to be a part of your loved ones reaction to something funny or devastating. With an obnoxiously huge pair of goggles strapped to your head, I can imagine it being difficult to bond over a film.

In the direction we are moving as a society, I understand the importance of technological advancement and how it can improve lives across the globe. Virtual reality may even be cool and exciting for younger generations or those who are passionate about gaming, but for others who just want to go to a movie theater and watch a movie, virtual reality is impractical.

We already have IMAX theatres that show movies in 3D and I think that is where film should end. No person should want to feel as though they are actually in “Frozen,” they should just sit back, relax and enjoy the movie. All the virtual reality technology it will take away from the film and people will be more interested in how cool it was rather than in the plot or the dynamic characters. Implementing virtual reality in film would change film’s relationship with our lives, which I believe we should not be allowed to happen.

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